Rocky Mountain Relocation & Referral Network

1. What Is Rocky Mountain Relocation & Referral Network?

Rocky Mountain Relocation & Referral Network [ RMRRN ] is a professional real estate brokerage for licensed real estate agents who do not engage in transactional real estate. RMRRN Members assist buyers and sellers with their real estate needs by referring them into the network. RMRRN's professional Referral Coordinators then place the referral with an agent who will represent the buyers or sellers in their real estate transaction.

2. How Is Rocky Mountain Relocation & Referral Network Different From A Traditional Real Estate Brokerage?

RMRRN is a NON-REALTORŪ company. RMRRN Members do not pay REALTORŪ dues or MLS fees. Many traditional brokerages are REALTORŪ affiliated companies that require their agents to become Members of the REALTORŪ organizations. Their agents may also be required to join the MLS.

The Difference:
Referral Agent
Traditional Agent
Hold an active Montana Real Estate license
Earn annual continuing education credits
Pay REALTOR® membership dues
Pay MLS fees
Represent buyers & sellers in transactions
Incur transactional liability
Commission income for closed transactions
Designate the agent who receives the referral
Place customers into the referral network

3. What Time Commitment Is Required Of A RMRRN Member?

Because RMRRN agents do not represent buyers or sellers, they avoid the responsibility and time commitment of representing buyers and sellers in transactions. RMRRN Members can enjoy the freedom to pursue other interests.

4. How Do RMRRN Members Earn Income?

All RMRRN referral fees are 25%. RMRRN Members receive a portion of this referral fee for any client they refer into the network that results in a closed transaction. The remainder of the referral fee is paid to the network in lieu of membership fees.

5. How Does The RMRRN Referral Process Work?

RMRRN Members refer prospective buyers and sellers to the network. RMRRN Referral Coordinators place this business with a transaction agent. When the transaction closes and RMRRN receives the referral fee from the transaction agent, then the RMRRN Member receives their portion of the referral fee.

6. Can Referrals Be Placed Outside Montana?

RMRRN referrals can be placed nation-wide. Agents receiving referrals will be qualified for experience, ability and area knowledge. Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties agents will be given preference when placing referrals in Montana.

7. What Is The Benefit Of RMRRN Profession Referral Coordinators?

In most real estate markets, the roster of licensed agents who represent buyers and sellers is varied. Our Professional Referral Coordinators screen these agents to place referrals with someone who has the knowledge, ability and experience to close the transaction. Our coordinators also provide this service for our partner company, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana Properties, and are familiar with their individual agents areas of expertise.

8. Why Should An Agent With An Active Real Estate License Join RMRRN?

If you are considering a change away from transactional real estate, RMRRN would give you a low cost option to keep your license, maintain professional relationships with your clients and earning referral income.

9. Why Should An Inactive Licensee Activate Their License And Join RMRRN?

If you are in transition, RMRRN helps you to protect the status of your license, earn referral income and keep your options open to easily re-enter the transactional real estate arena. If you are retired, RMRRN gives you the opportunity to earn referral income by staying in contact with past clients and even develop new contacts without all the time commitment and responsibility of transactional real estate.

10. Why Should A New Licensee Consider Joining RMRRN?

RMRRN is a perfect opportunity for a new agent to get started in the real estate industry while maintaining another carrier. New agents can develop their prospecting system and begin to educate themselves with industry information available on the Members Only section of the RMRRN website.

11. Why Do RMRRN Members Need An Active Montana Real Estate License?

The Montana Board of Realty Regulation has the following requirements: 1) a real estate license must be "active" to place it with a managing broker, 2) to receive a portion of commission income from any real estate transaction, the recipient of the referral fee is required to hold a Montana Real Estate License.

12. What Expenses Will I Incur When Becoming A RMRRN Member?

There are no joining fees or dues assessed to RMRRN Members. We have implemented a split schedule so you don't pay RMRRN until you earn referral income. Members are responsible for the expense of acquiring and maintaining an active Montana Real Estate License as required by MBORR.

  • New Licensees pay for the pre-license class, examination and MBORR license fees.
  • Inactive Licensees pay the MBORR license activation fees.
  • Active Licensees pay the MBORR license transfer fees.
  • All licensees must pay to maintain the annual CE credits required by the MBORR.

13. Does RMRRN Offer Any Professional Opportunities To Members?

Yes! Here are a few of the professional benefits offered to Members of RMRRN:
  • Managing broker to hold your license
  • E & O Insurance
  • RMRRN website with Members Only section
  • email account
  • Profession Referral Coordinators
  • Nationwide referral placement
  • Referral processing forms
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Strong partner company [ Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties ]

14. Who Is The Partner Company Of RMRRN?

Award winning Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana Properties is the partner company of Rocky Mountain Relocation and Referral Network. Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties has many offices across Montana. Whenever possible, your referrals will be placed with the experienced agents of our partner company. Visit for more information about our partner company.

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